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Certified Blockchain Legal Expert™


Certified Blockchain Legal Expert Training will give you a profound understanding of blockchain technology, its use cases, and legislation. 

You will learn to develop businesses’ legal strategies for blockchain applications such as cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and NFTs.

As businesses’ use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is soaring, this certification will be your competitive supremacy over others legal experts.

Prerequisites: No blockchain knowledge required.

 25 CPD Points*

Training Duration
Online Self-Paced Lessons
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Online Self-Scheduled Exams

Starts Jan 12, 2023 (enrol by 5pm PT Dec 30, 2022)

$3999 $3499 (USD)

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    This training course is designed to offer a thorough insight to the emerging, close and reinforcing relationship between blockchain and law. Participants will examine the legal and regulatory issues surrounding blockchain and its applications including bitcoin, smart contracts and shared ledgers.

    The program draws on the work of leading law firms engaged in blockchain to offer real world examples. Legal professionals will get to appreciate the countless ways in which they will be called to serve the blockchain industry and its players.


    Average Salary of Blockchain Lawyer in the U.S. (salary.com)

    #1 In-Demand Skill

    Blockchain ranks No.1 in most in-demand skills globally (LinkedIn)


    • Module 1 – Introduction to Blockchain
    • Module 2 – Blockchain and the Legal Industry
    • Module 3 – Regulatory Considerations for Blockchain
    • Module 4 – Smart Contracts
    • Module 5 – The Future of Technology and Law

    Download Course Brochure for detailed course outline


    Blockchain legal experts are some of the most sought after professionals in the blockchain industry. 

    Blockchain legal experts provide consultancy to various segments of the market from start-ups, governments, NGOs to Fortune 500 companies. 

    Some of the organizations Blockchain Legal Experts work with include: 


    This course is suitable for professionals in the legal industry and/or law students, graduate lawyers, junior lawyers who are in the initial stages of their career and wish to gain a different sphere of the legal profession.

    • Qualified Lawyers
    • Internal Lawyers
    • Legal Services Professionals
    • Graduate lawyers
    • Junior Lawyers
    • Law Students

     The course can also benefit:

    • Government Agencies
    • HR Managers
    • Corporate Administrators
    • Strategy Managers
    • Technology Strategy Leaders
    • Digital Transformation Heads, Officers and Team Members
    • Innovation Leaders and members of Innovations labs
    • Project Managers and Associate Project Managers


    Today, the second digital revolution takes its course and as a result the future of every industry, including the legal industry, will face significant transformations. This digital revolution – powered by blockchain technology – brings the Internet of Value: a new, distributed platform that will challenge the current position legal professionals have maintained for ages, as legal advisors to every important business transaction.

    Lawyers’ future is changing and those who can foresee the disruptive potential of blockchain technology possess an important first mover advantage. In a blockchain-based future, lawyers will be service providers on a digital infrastructure. Thus, understanding how lawyers and law firms will perceive their impact on business decisions, is today’s challenge as blockchain legal consultancy is one of the most popular blockchain jobs of the future.

    CPD Recognition
    *This program may be approved for up to 30 CPD units in Law. Eligibility criteria and CPD Units are verified directly by your association, regulator or other bodies which you hold membership.


    The course involves self-paced online video lessons, infographics, downloadable documents and more. 

    All lessons are recorded and you have lifetime access to self-paced learning. 

    The course is broken down into manageable, weekly modules, designed to accelerate your learning process through diverse learning activities:

    • Work through your downloadable and online instructional material
    • Enjoy a wide range of interactive content, including video lectures, infographics, and more
    • Investigate rich, real-world case studies

    Participants will also benefit from feedback at the end of the program and take away the knowledge gained to be transferred to their workplace.


    Upon successful completion of the Blockchain certification training, you will be awarded industry-recognized course completion certificate from Blockchain Business Institute which has lifelong validity.

    A digital certificate is also issued which can be quickly shared on your professional networks.

    Certified Blockchain Legal Expert


    University academics and subject-matter experts guide the content and development of the courses, approve all course materials and assessments, and have oversight of the evaluation of the participant group. The courses are presented online in a way that is highly supportive and manageable.

    All of our highly qualified trainers are industry experts with several years of relevant teaching experience. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers who have a high alumni rating remain on our faculty.

    The program is designed to be completed in 5 weeks.

    However, all course content and exams are available to you online 24/7 – you have lifetime access so you may study and complete at your own pace.

    The classes are available to you  online 24/7. 

    You have lifetime access to all training resources for self-paced learning.

    The exams are available online 24/7. 

    You may schedule and sit an exam whenever you are ready.

    Yes. You can cancel your enrollment. We will provide you a complete refund as per our refund policy

    For any other inquiries, please see the complete list of Frequently Asked Questions or send an email to support@blockchainbusinessinstitute.com.

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